Sydney NOW Presents: For Folk Sake



WHEN: 5-9pm – 14 May 2017

COST: $10 on door

May's instalment of FFS features four amazing Sydney acts.

5pm - Jack Millar

Jack Millar's music is an eclectic combination of musical ideas that hints influences of grunge, soul, world music and folk. Recording most of his material himself at home, he takes advantage of being able to go off on unexpected musical tangents, while still valuing and exploring the process of writing songs that hold their own, outside of their recorded form. His live show takes the listener through a range of colours and styles that capture the imagination, with some songs in the form of short single type structures and others, psychedelic-prog influenced journeys that lead you into bizarre territories but then pull you out at the end, somewhat bewildered but satisfied regardless.

6pm - Bonnie Kay and the Bonafides

Bonnie Kay, a contemporary American singer/songwriter from Philly who landed in Australia via Tokyo, uses acoustic, finger-picking, slide-guitar techniques, plus a voice reminiscent of blues icon Bonnie Raitt's, to deliver her own red-hot, sexy sound.

7pm - Grace Turner

Turner marries the raw & the refined; exploring the everyday, the deep, the dark, the light and everything in between.

The tracks from her EP ‘Long Way Home’ present a delicate insight into the haunting honesty that is ever present throughout Grace’s work.

8pm - Runaway Kites

Hailing from New Zealand, Dave is the lead singer and songwriter of Sydney band ‘Runaway Kites’. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, his music carries an ethereal quality with a darker harmonic palette and floating vocal melodies.

Runaway Kites are to be releasing three new singles very soon and Dave will be performing these, among others, in the stripped back form they were conceived in.