Sydney Now Presents For Folk Sake



WHEN: 5-10pm – 22 Apr 2017

COST: $10

TICKETS: General Admission

Sydney NOW presents the next instalment of For Folk Sake on the beautiful 107 Projects rooftop in Redfern.

The Tambourine Girls - 8pm

The Tambourine Girls is the creation of founding guitarist and frontman Simon Relf. Relf’s song-writing blends the worldly and personal aspects of his life, spanning an eclectic mix of country, psychedelia, rock and Brit-pop. The project has blossomed from an introspective solo venture during Relf’s days as guitarist of Deep Sea Arcade, into an established, fully-fledged four-piece band.

Sam Newton - 7pm

Sam Newton writes songs that dig deep into melancholy, devotion and flawed and fascinating characters. He has the uncanny ability to find a direct line into the central themes of his songs with a raw and poetic honesty.

Newton has served his apprenticeship on the Sydney music scene, playing with and learning from some of its finest songwriters and performers. His stylistic fluidity has enabled him to play with a wide variety of other acts, from veterans of the country scene to the new generation of folk singers populating the inner city pubs and bars.

Taylor King - 6pm

The debut album “Sick & Glad” from Taylor King out March 10th.

I wrote this album over the space of about 2 years, during the dissolution of my previous project, “The Ivory Drips”. It was a period of immense personal growth and change; having finally realised I was living with severe anxiety, the album serves as a journal of sorts as I became infinitely more self-aware and learned how to live with mental illness. I feel it also serves as commentary for the general lack of consideration, respect and love in society… something we have to go out and face every day; a breeding ground for mental illness.