Sui Zhen


WHEN: 7pm – 13 Nov 2015

COST: $15

Sui Zhen returns to Oz after showcasing her talents in New York City to launch her genre-bending sonic tableau of pop, Secretly Susan. Secretly Susan has been receiving warm reviews from all over, including Album of the Week on Triple R Radio and a nomination for Best Female Artist in The Age Music Victoria Awards, so – time to celebrate.

Sui Zhen will perform with her live band featuring Alec Marshall (Hot Palms, Why Don't You Believe Me Records?) and Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Zone Out), plus guest appearances from NO ZU members Mitch McGregor & Cayn Borthwick.


Zone Out is the exciting project of Ashley Bundang. With a new album on the way Sui can't wait to see her play live.

Sanpo Disco is the mix project of Rowan Mason aka DJ Cappuccino + Endless Sunset parties. Sui can't wait to get down: 


Rolling Stone

'..After several years in the underground, Zhen has been credited as releasing one of the year’s best Australian records in Secretly Susan. While her eerie dub pop is fantastical and laid-back, she is a brilliantly high-concept pop star, playing to projections of herself and a male counterpart that play like The Truman Show for the internet age. She was the best of a ream of strong electronic acts at Bigsound – 4 stars'

- Laura Snapes, The Financial Times, UK: 

' incredibly conceptual and genre-bending sonic-tableau of pop and Susan. SO do yourself a favour, and give this LP a serious and careful listen. It will have you dreaming.'


'...It’s one thing to call an album a musical journey, but Sui Zhen’s Secretly Susan is a musical masterpiece that will truly take you on an adventure of sound.'


'...the really wonderful thing about Secretly Susan—it sounds like a whole album influenced by little Eurekas. It is not just “Dear Teri” that grabs me, but every song before and after, because when I hear them, I can understand what it is that makes them exciting, not only to me as the listener, but to the creator as well.'


Don't you think it's time to say, oh, hi Susan?

Album available on Bandcamp / Spotify / Apple Music

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