Structures of Soul



WHEN: 6 Feb 2019 – 17 Feb 2019


WHO: Nives Zalokar

The Exhibition

Nives Zalokar respectfully paints intricate details from original Persian carpets. Rich stories and spiritual meanings emerge clearly in painted works. The project fosters shared understanding of the beauty and complexity of this ancient art and Persian cultural knowledge.

The opening

The opening at 6.30 on the 6th of February will feature The Sydney Sufi Ensemble. They offer a rare taste of the ritual music of a contemporary Sufi House, with poetry from Rumi, Hafez and contemporary Sufi poets, inspired by the rich musical heritage of Nimatullahi Sufism. The six members of the ensemble perform with some of the most ancient instruments associated with Persian Sufism, such as the daf frame drum and the three-stringed Tanbur, as well as the Saz, percussion and acoustic guitars. The artist, Nives Zalokar, who paints to sufi music as part of her own spiritual practice, will demonstrate this relationship through an accompanied performance piece during the opening.

The artist

“My work is an expression of respect for Persian culture. By magnifying the symbols I am trying to bring them closer to people, so the carpet is not just something expensive that we throw on the floor of our living room, but it becomes a link between cultures, telling beautiful stories.”

The artist talk

Join Nives for a special artist talk in the galleries on Saturday 16th February from 11.30am.

Gallery Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm.


*107 Redfern St is a licensed venue, BYO alcohol is not permitted*