Stingless Beekeeping


WHEN: 14 Nov 2015 – 15 Nov 2015

COST: $250

Presented by Milkwood.

A one-day intensive course on native beekeeping with Tim Heard: world-renowned expert in Australia’s native, stingless bee species.

This course covers hive design, splitting, honey extraction and bonus sessions on the details of native bees and how to encourage them in your garden.

These bees make the best garden pets ever, are completely safe for everyone and provide beautiful learning opportunities for kids around pollination and the natural cycles within your garden.

Stingless bees are Australia’s indigenous social bee. They are harmless and well suited to home gardens. They are effective pollinators of many garden plants. They yield small amounts of delectable honey, although note that in Sydney, honey production may be quite low.

They are great tools for environment education as they are inherently fascinating to children and have many interactions with plants and other insects.