Still Translating


WHEN: 6-8pm 13 Apr 2016 – 24 Apr 2016


In the complex world of now, it is less and less adequate for a singular sensory representation to describe any given experience. From this failing of singularity, comes the necessity of multiple manifestations of an idea to succeed where isolated senses cannot. This exhibition will be a collaborative exploration of representational trueness and its forms in an age of mediation, categorical queerness and mutability. Using the canonically privileged Still Life artefact as a platform, Still Translating offers a restructuring of the historic objectivity within Visual Arts processes. Our mixed media exhibition exposes how the interaction of video, sound, sculpture, text and painting forms can revive the relevancy of the Still Life object today. Through this layering of dialogues, we interrogate the relationships between mediums and materials and the intersections where meaning is transferred through forms. In this sense, the process of transferal becomes the means of reception as we experiment with materials that reflect and re-present the image back onto itself.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm

Bronwen Williams is a Sydney-based cross-disciplinary artist. Completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from UNSW Art & Design (Formerly COFA), Williams has exhibited at multiple galleries across Sydney, and co-curates the NOW now festival of experimental music and sound art. Williams' experimental arts practice explores the nuances of cross-cultural living and the socio-political ramifications of being a half-Chinese, half-British, Australian citizen. Williams has previously collaborated on projects with artist Paul Gazzola and Paul Granjon as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art in 2013 and completed a mural at UNSW Art & Design's campus with support from Eckersleys.

Clare Powell is an emergent artist, writer and educator based in Sydney. Their current work is often invested in the social and cathartic implications of collaborative and expanded creative practice. Clare is currently involved with PACT: Centre for Emerging Artists’ Rapid Response Team program, collaborating in a group of 6 practioners to produce performances related to current news bulletins. Clare is also engaged in the 2016 Writer’s Program at firstdraft, where they intend to denunciate the prescriptiveness of gendered pronouns (among other things). Clare has mostly completed a BA of Art Education from UNSW Art & Design and is working alongside Elsewhere Arts to create radical and responsive Visual Arts pedagogy for disadvantaged high school students.