Stigma: Alive & Well



WHEN: OPENING NIGHT: 6:30pm 4/10/2023, 11am - 5pm, Wednesday - Saturday 4 Oct 2023 – 13 Oct 2023


VENUE: 107 Redfern

One Door Mental Health presents a collection of works completed by participants of the Arty Party PICS, One Door Mental Health Group. The work reflects this year's mental health awareness theme STIGMA! This is a celebration of survival, creativity, resilience and recovery moving to a life lived well.

One Door Mental Health, formally under the name Schizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales was established in 1985, by a group of people living with schizophrenia, their families, friends, advocates, and health professionals.

One Door Mental Health has continued to evolve but never lost sight of a fierce commitment to supporting the wellbeing of people living with complex mental health concerns as well as the families and carers involved.

The concept of collaboration is fundamental to the support One Door Mental Health provides which includes a range of mental health, carer, NDIS supports and clinical services to over 13,000 people per year in communities across NSW.

The One Door Mental Health vision is a world in which people living with mental illness are valued and treated as equals.

The Primary Integrated Care Support Service, known as PICS comprises both Mental Health Nurses and Peer Worker [people who have lived experience].
PICS assists clients to connect with relevant community based supports to achieve a life of independence, autonomy, self advocacy and with hope.

The Arty Party vision was to create a safe space where people who experienced mental health challenges could come together, create and be part of a community of unconditional acceptance and respect.

The group has been codesigned by participants of the PICS, One Door Mental Health Program.
The group runs weekly and has involved resident artists from 107 Redfern, introducing a variety of artistic genres.
The culmination of works will be exhibited during the first two weeks of Mental Health Awareness month, October 2023.

The pieces exhibited resonate this year's theme of STIGMA.

The exhibition is a celebration of an abundance of creativity, diversity, expression, lived experience, strength, resilience and hope for a future free of limitations, stigma and isolation.