Static of the Radio


WHEN: 3pm – 25 Sep 2016

COST: $20/15

Last year the University Of Wollongong held its annual creative arts festival “Nothing To See Here” with the theme: Static. For this we developed a two-hour durational dance piece that juxtaposes styles of dance and genres of music.

This piece consisted of eight actors with minimal to no dance experience adapting to new styles of dance. The dances were high energy and emotive, pushing all of our bodies to the limits. We presented contrasting styles of dance from Hip Hop and Contemporary to Latin routines of Jive and Samba allowing this production to appeal to all ages.

A genre of music is often matched up to a particular style of dance and we reshaped each dance to work with music that it is not traditionally performed to, for example, we performed a high-energy Jive to a hard-hitting rap song. The audience was able to choose the song and style they wanted to see by filling in a ballot paper, keeping us dancing for the whole two hours.

Now we have a team of twelve, all passionate about creating a durational piece in a similar style to go over a six-hour period. This team includes those coming from specific backgrounds of dance and those who have none. Basing this project in similarities found in the dance marathons of the 1920s, we aim to provide entertainment to the public that they can interact with. We also intend to educate our audiences as each performer has a subject area that they want to bring awareness too, for example arts budget cuts, mental illness stigma.

Static Of The Radio recently performed at the ‘Nocturnal Arts’ festival held in Wollongong throughout February 2016. Repeating the two-hour durational performance more dance styles were added to the repertoire and audiences informed our technicians of what they wanted to see. Originally given six performance days an extra three performances were added due to how well it was received. People of all ages enjoyed the performances and respected the effort of the performers. It brought life to a part of the city of Wollongong that at night is usually quite dull to walk through.

This is a Sydney Fringe Festival event.