WHEN: 8:00 - 9:30pm 3 Dec 2019 – 7 Dec 2019

COST: $30

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Spiral. Both a play and a film exploring regret, loneliness, mistakes and the pain of nostalgia.

Pandora is a woman in her early forties living with Emphysema.
She is a heavy drinker and smokes marijuana and lives alone in a small flat with her cat Mizzy, who is always going missing.
What lead her to the bleak existence we now find her in? Was it heartbreak? Was it the turmoil of issues past that never truly healed?
Will we ever know why people lose their way?

This new piece of Theatre is essentially about getting lost at some point in your life and not being able to find a way back, realising too late what could have been and that the chances are forever gone.
It’s as the name suggests, a Spiral, in which you lose all control.

Please note, this play contains simulated alcohol and drug use, plus strong language. Not suitable for under 18.

About the lead actress Rebecca Smee:

Rebecca Smee has been working in Theatre and television since graduating from Theatre
Nepean in 1996. Some of her TV credits include Janet King, Love Child, All Saints, Go Big,
Temptation, Flat Chat and The Potato Factory. Some theatre credits include Socialite
Networking, which won the People’s Choice award this year at Short and Sweet, Sydney,
Nether for Sydney Theatre Company, La Rhonde and Faust at B Sharp, Metamorphosis for
NORPA, and Deluge for Theatre North and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. She produced and
starred in I’ve Got The Shakes, The Drowned World, Some Explicit Polaroids, The Arab’s
Mouth, and Blue Window, all at the Darlinghurst Theatre, with her production company
SMUG Theatre. She has just returned from LA where she won the People’s Choice award for
her one woman show, Margot’s Bench for Short and Sweet Hollywood.