Space Girl SPENCER and the Bumbag Adventure



WHEN: 7:30 - 10:30pm – 2 Nov 2019

COST: $30


Join SPENCER at an intimate, extra dimensional gig, and journey into the galaxy where her 12-track debut album 'Physical Culture' has been re-invented and re-ordered to become a spacey 80s soundtrack to a wicked adventure story 'Space Girl SPENCER and the bumbag adventure'. What do bumbags have to do with it all? What obstacles will SPENCER have to face? Come along and find out!

You wake up to an urgent call...all the bumbags in the world have been stolen by the evil Brainiacs from the planet Brainia. Space Girl SPENCER and her special task force must go on the dangerous galactic journey to retrieve the stylishly practical garments.

An infinite snack bar will fuel your appetite as you hop and bop along this treacherous journey that will be accompanied by classic rad SPENCER fashion that will make you feel like you've gone to an aerobics class in outer space.