Sonic Alchemy “A performance in Sonic Art & Perfumery”



WHEN: 7-11.15pm – 28 Oct 2017

COST: $15

TICKETS: Presale

The sense of smell has the power to sculpt emotion, influence relationships & revive long forgotten memories. But scent and the art of perfumery have remained under strict lock and key, only concerned with passing on tradition and never trying something truly different. Until now very few humans have ever dared to explore the question like "What would Miles Davis' Blue in Green smell like?" but that is no longer the case...

After dropping out of university to gain his training in the art of perfumery and electronic music, Clancy Baxter is now presenting the "Sonic Alchemy" series. A journey between the senses. Perfumes, visuals and music have been orchestrated in this live performance space to provide an absorbing synaesthetic experience to the audience.

Scent, Sound, Sight. This is Sonic Alchemy.