Social Fridays on the Green Thread


WHEN: 6pm-8pm – 1 Nov 2019



Fresh from display at Customs House, City of Sydney and 107 present a selection of works from ‘Cartographica: Sydney on the Map’ curated specifically for the Green Square community.

As part of this exhibition exploring the art and science of mapping, enjoy a series of Social Fridays curated by 107. Come and round out the week in a friendly social space, meet your neighbours, and enjoy workshops and music from local talents. Best of all, it’s free!

The Dark Side of the Map: navigating ethics in the age of big location data with Stella Blake-Kelly founder of Cartisan.

Maps have always been a powerful tool for telling stories and understanding the world around us. The combination of a big data age and contemporary mapping technology means today’s maps are created at an unprecedented scale. But who holds that power, and are they using it for good or evil?

If you have a phone, chances are you’re benefitting from - and contributing to - more maps than you realise. Stella sheds some light on how this power is unfolding, and what you can do to be more aware of the physical footsteps feeding your digital footprint.

Join The Rizzeria for a drop-in workshop to print your own map. Create a postcard that reflects your Green Square story, through collage and mark making, on a Riso printed map by 107 resident artist Jamie Gray.

Live Music:
Enjoy live tunes from local artists Shalane Connors and Kay Proudlove.