Sing Famous Hits with the ORIGINAL VOCALS and ORIGINAL MUSIC !



WHEN: 6 - 11:30pm – 9 Nov 2019

COST: $20


This is a fun charity singalong with the original music, original vocals, and original lyrics from famous hit songs you love. Just some microphones, some speakers, and the lyrics projected on a screen black-on-white, and drinks. Everybody sings !

Q: How does it work ? What's the format ?

There are a couple of guest mics for one or more people leading a song, and one for the MC. People take turns to lead the crowd through their favourite songs chosen from the song-list (see below), with the lyrics projected on a screen. Everybody may sing - whether holding a mic or not - and ALL singing levels are most welcome.

(Please note, this is not karaoke-style; this is a true group singalong with a super sound setup.)

Q: What is the best way to get there ?

It's best to use public transport to Redfern Station. Easy ! And better if you drink. There is usually some parking in the side-streets.

Q: How do I buy tickets ?

You can buy tickets online from Humantix, or bring $20 cash as entry fee to cover the venue hire. This gives you hours of enjoyment and is much, much cheaper than just a karaoke room (and better, too).

You may also make a further cash donation to our chosen charity, the Heart Research Institute (HRI). Have a heart, have a sing !

Q: Are there drinks ?

You can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the bar. (BYO is not permitted.)

Q: Is there food DURING the event ?

No. Please eat well beforehand, food is not allowed in the venue. There are plenty of good restaurants and pubs with bistro food nearby,

Q: Do I have to be able to sing (well) ?

No, all levels are most welcome ! If you don't wish to lead a song on the guest mics just enjoy singing along with the crowd.

Q: What songs do you sing ?

This Dropbox link has our growing song list:

We'll also be playing 'Drive' this time as a tribute to Ric Ocasek from The Cars, who sadly recently passed away.