Sinaps Presents: Systemic Sustainability – Driving the Green Machine



WHEN: 6:30pm – 27 Feb 2020

COST: Free

Take your sustainability action to the next level! Come learn about interplay between Symptoms and Signals, why we can't compost our way out of this situation (even though we should all do it), and the Top 5 things you can do today to make a difference. Come co-create the change you want to see.

Are our sustainable choices making us a more sustainable society, or more sustainable individuals?

We all feel like we can't have an impact. Yet our newspapers are full of specific individuals who single-handedly are having massive impacts on our environment, both good and bad.

So how do we act for good, and what do we need to do to either have power like these individuals, or influence the power they already have?

Session Overview: Systemic Sustainable:
1) Explain: How to turn your actions in 'Systemic Signals'
2) Explore: We'll present a prioritised list of actions and why they are optimised for impact, across the spectrum of social, democratic, capitalist and consumer choices.
3) Exchange: We'll review the options, discuss how they apply to your particular situation, and identify the inevitable grey areas that we need to push through.
4) Execute: We'll document the actions that we will each take, and build momentum on turning what we have learned into action.

A ticket donation of $5 would be very welcome to cover cost of venue hire, printing, etc.

The bar is only opened if there are bigger events. If it is open, you are welcome to purchase drinks there. Otherwise, it will be tea/coffee/water only.

Looking forward to it, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out beforehand!