Silliness might save the world



WHEN: 24/7 – 21 Mar 2022

COST: Free

WHO: Eav Brennan

This series is made from 100 % reclaimed, reused or foraged materials. It depicts portraits of various climate leaders, with what drives them or makes them passionate about addressing the climate crisis. For the portraits, I asked each of my subjects to tell me the most embarrassing story they’re willing to put on record. My goal wasn’t to be mean, it was to show that climate change is a big, messy, terrifying thing – but that everyone who’s had an impact in getting action on climate is still human. They still make some pretty funny mistakes, and do some pretty silly things. I hope you get a bit of joy out of the stories they’ve shared, and that you remember you don’t need to be serious all the time when it comes to climate.


Eav is a textile and comic artist working on ways to tell stories that help us through environmental upheaval.