Shopfront Artslab: Unreliable Witness



WHEN: 17 Feb 2021 – 21 Feb 2021

COST: $10-$25

WHO: Varied ,

TICKETS: Session TImes,

Shopfront Arts Co-op presents ArtsLab: Unreliable Witness, a festival of five new works by emerging artists. This year’s ArtsLab artists explore perception and misperception; the ways in which our own perception may not be what the rest of the world sees, feels and experiences. From deep fakes to ageing in 2021, to the links we make between sound and memory, to our attempts to connect to our own past (which might have never really been ours in the first place). Through the use of visual art, film, live art, technology, performance and theatre, our artists will ask you to challenge your perspectives of the world and the beliefs you hold within.

There is reality and the imagined, and sometimes these get mixed up. You decide where you sit.

The season will include an Industry Day with arts panels and networking opportunities for artists to share in discussions with some of the country’s leading artists, arts collectives and organisations.

Image credit - Joshua Morris. Overlay artwork - David Molloy