Shoeb Ahmad “Quiver” Album Launch



WHEN: 7-11.30pm – 6 Jul 2018

COST: $15

TICKETS: Eventbrite

Shoeb Ahmad launches her new album “quiver”, a minimalist, indie-pop exploration of identity as a trans-femme, Muslim, person of colour.

- Shoeb Ahmad
- Medicine Voice vs Marcus Whale
- Angela Garrick (Angie)
- Megan Alice Clune (Alaska Orchestra)

Entry $15. Doors 7pm.

Shoeb Ahmad's "quiver" strikes a delicate balancing act – at times creating chambers of sulk-ridden atmosphere, moments of clever minimalism and shining moments of indie-pop sensibility.

"Ahmad’s solo work is grounded in organic, rich instrumentals and profound lyrics that explore the delicate interplay of gender, race and religion on lived experiences and social connection." - FBI Radio

Listen here.

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