Serious Backyard Veggies


WHEN: – 21 Nov 2015

COST: $550

Presented by Milkwood

Do you want to grow seriously great vegetables in your backyard? Are you finding that it’s a little harder than you thought to get your beloved seeds from their packets all the way to a super, plentiful harvest?

Join Michael Hewins, our favourite market gardener, for 2 days of hands-on knowledge, tips and tricks on how to grow truly awesome backyard veggies using organic permaculture techniques.

In this course you will learn:
Vegetable garden design, placement and retrofitting
Plant + soil relationships
Applying strategies for a healthy soil food web in a backyard context
Raising great seedlings
Preparing garden beds for planting
Nutrient cycling at backyard scale – worms, compost, compost teas
Making fermented seaweed tea for your garden
Developing garden schedules + crop rotations for backyard scale

Michael has a heap of experience in growing many types of annual vegetables in temperate and sub-tropical environments.

He can help you get activated about taking your organic veggie production from zero to hero, using easy and effective nutrient cycling and soil building techniques that complement his years of experience with planting plans to ensure a bountiful harvest.

This class will be approximately half class time and half garden time, so arrive expecting to get your hands dirty!