Selling on Etsy for beginners


WHEN: 2pm – 2 Dec 2018

COST: $39/$34 bring-a-friend


This event takes place in The Rizzeria's studio at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, Zetland.

Hello makers!

Sure you can knit a tea cosy like nobody’s nanna or make something equally awesome, but do you want to sell your work, and you’re not sure how? Maybe you just started selling on Etsy, but are struggling to make sales? Or you want to set up a shop, but the prospect of failure is stopping you from getting started?

A little bit of help can go a long way to making your shop a success. There is a lot of useful information on the internet about selling your products on Etsy, but there’s also a lot of myths, and it can be hard to know what to do first. Because this workshop actually takes place in person, it’ll be a super friendly event where you can ask any Etsy question you want, and have it answered in real time.

We'll cover:

How to choose which products to make
Pricing that will make selling your product worth your time
Creating great listings with words and pictures that sell
Etsy SEO - how to get your products found

During the workshop we will review each participant's shop and you'll go home with a ton of tips to improve sales.

Tutor Jo Ellis fumbled around on Etsy for few years before finding her niche. Now she has two growing shops and 400+ sales under her belt. She's passionate about helping others find out what works for their Etsy shop.

You can find her shops at: