WHEN: 11am - 5pm 9 Oct 2020 – 18 Oct 2020

COST: Free

WHO: Artist's Instagram

#scomosprayerflags is a response to the bushfires of early 2020. Out of frustration Tara stitched a protest flag and posted it online. Others asked to join in, and soon flags started arriving. During Sydney Craft Week the banner will be hanging at 107 Redfern Street, while Tara will be running a stitch along @scomosprayerflags on Instagram.

As part of Sydney Craft Week, the flag banner will be hanging in the window at 107 Projects, while Tara will be running an online experience, including a stitch along, on Instagram @scomosprayerflags. There she will be sharing the making of the banner, the power of stitch to inspire change and positive stories of climate action.

Tara Glastonbury is a textile artist and designer known for her quilts using bold colour, strong geometry and a preference for recycled, perennial or traditional textiles – fabrics with a story attached to them. Her work is divided between exhibition pieces and a more crafts-based practice designing quilt patterns.

Tara's exhibition work is often a form of social commentary. Firstly, on the notion of textiles as women’s work, which sees them undervalued as an art-form, both by the fine art community, but also frequently by the artists themselves. Equally, her pieces explore the notion of work more generally and how choosing to work as a textile artist has impacts on her personally, financially and on the broader physical environment.