Scattered Order


WHEN: – 13 Feb 2016

COST: $10

*  Scattered Order *  The band that founded the legendary Australian post punk M Squared label in 1980 has been  confounding listeners for decades with their genre bending approach to sound. Creepy  soundscape country or a foreign diplomat’s idea of a condemned retreat. The songs offer an indepth  look at the crack in the glass of self reflection. The band’s dark and heavy noise element is  inverted where moods come to the surface in furtive fleeting moments primarily through voice  samples sticky with thick chugging rhythms. On the lighter side their live mania subterfuges into a  psyche where all lifelines are down until further notice. Male/Female minders speak just loudly  enough outside the door. 

* Astral Skulls *  Melbourne postpunk  duo Astral Skulls mix dreams of venturing into outer space with the harsh  reality of life on Earth: their pulsing electronics and dissonant guitar squall creates an aura of  unreality, probing the mind and the dark corners of imagination. 

* Club Sound Witches *  More profoundly out haunted drone/percussion hypnotics from two of the deepest thinking tone  scientists on the Australian underground.