Scattered Order LP Launch



WHEN: 8pm – 16 Sep 2017

COST: $10 pre-sale/$15 on door

TICKETS: Pre-sale

This is a rare opportunity to witness 3 acts all completely different but all with the common goal of experimentation and joy.

Scattered Order who founded the legendary Australian post punk M Squared label in 1980 and have been confounding listeners for decades with their genre bending approach to sound will present a collection of new songs where the dark and heavy noise element is inverted and moods come to the surface in furtive fleeting moments primarily through voice samples sticky with thick chugging rhythms. The dynamics of the accumulated collections of samples when they entrain into repetitive and slowly shifting patterns create a hypnotic and surrealistic space.

Astral Skulls

The otherworldly spaces of synth-pop and Krautrock are touchstones for Astral Skulls. Scabrous guitars play against prowling synths and the barest of drum patterns - the industrial gears these songs grind on also recall the DIY punk approach of seminal Australian outfits such as Primitive Calculators and Severed Heads, tackling an unholy marriage of technology and life.


Ritualistic Non-Repetitive Patterning Necroelectronic Feedback Vodoutron Theorist. Subversive Occult Anarchist.

Live visuals will be provided by Living Science Dept.