WHEN: 10 Apr 2019 – 18 Apr 2019

COST: FREE (Donation entry)

Sam Joole is a local Singer, Songwriter and Artist.

Cyclones is a presentation of his work both old and new. Cyclones will offer multi media fun with lighting, projections, realtime music production software, live shows, yoga music mornings, and film screenings.

The audience can expect to watch live shows, participate in yoga, play with real-time music
production tools, watch films backed by a live band, enjoy audio and visuals and discover
intricate aspects of the creative process.

There will be a lot of finished and unheard music to take in. As well as art work, prints, clips and grabs from the last 10 years of Sam's creativity.

Sonically, Cyclones is a new direction for the shapeshifter, who using new technologies, delves into Dub, Glitch, Rap and Pop.

It has been compared to Gorrilaz and Beck and is dangerously catchy.

Exhibition opens Wednesday 10th April | 6 – 8pm.

Continues until Thursday 18th April.

Gallery open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm.


April 17 & 18 Alien Zoo Performs Zephanon Live at The Movies

April 18 Album Launch & Closing Party