Royalty Free Theatre’s First Inaugural Christmas Variety Night EXTRAVAGANZA



WHEN: 6.30-10pm – 5 Dec 2018

COST: $20


Royalty Free Theatre is a new company dedicated to making the Independent arts great again... In order to do so they are hosting their first (of hopefully many) holiday themed Variety/Scratch nights. Royalty Free Theatre’s First Inaugural Christmas Variety Night EXTRAVAGANZA. It’s all in the name. This fun Christmas themed event is hosted as a platform for all types of Artists to test out new or old material in a friendly environment, full of other local artists. It is a chance to mingle. A chance to share and a chance to laugh.

Dress code: CHRISTMAS.

Mikaela Atallah:

Mikaela Atallah has a BA in Communications (Theatre/Media) (whatever that means). Since graduating she has decided to spend her life working towards a more stable career, as a clown. (whatever that means)

She spent six weeks at the prestigious Gaulier Clown School in France crying her eyes out and decided there and then that she wanted to make others cry through her art. Hence why she stuck with clowning. However, her skillsets are not just limited to wearing a red nose. Mikaela has worked on many independent theatre productions as both a Performer, Producer, Stage Manager and Director. Why? No one really knows. Definitely not for the money.

Her production accolades include 'Femme Fatale', Producer and Stage Manager (505 Theatre, 2016), 'That Eye, The Sky', Production Manager (The New Theatre, 2016), ‘Crackers’, Rehearsal Director (505 Theatre, 2017) and 'Netgirlz', Director and Producer (107, 2018). Her performance and clown accolades include ‘A Period Piece’ (505 Theatre, 2017), ‘The Damsels Destress’ (Secret Garden, 2018), ‘Flowers & O’Jim’ and ‘Agent Showcase’ (Sydney Fringe, 2018) and ‘Shakespeare by Night’, (The Old Fitz Theatre, 2018).

Basically, she’s a boss ass b****.

Georgie Adamson:

Georgie Adamson is a writer and dramaturg (code for: bottle-shop employee). She has spent an inordinate amount of money obtaining a B Communication (Theatre/Media) from Charles Sturt University and a Masters of Fine Arts (Writing for Performance) from the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She is worried about her HECS debt but there is a high possibility she will never earn the money to earn it back.

Georgie has written and dramaturged a number of works and most of them have been good. Her writing credits include INJEST (Perth Fringeworld, 2016), Cabin Pressure (107 Projects, 2016), Crackers (Giant Dwarf + Sydney Fringe, 2017), INJEST: The Last Supper (KXT bAKEHOUSE, 2018) and Selena Gomez’s Kidney (Rapid Reads Festival, 2018). As a dramaturg her credits include The Bacchae (Adelaide Fringe, 2018) and NETGIRLZ (107 Projects, 2018). Most recently Georgie co-devised and performed in Agent Showcase with some loser called Mikaela and her new play Whose Uterus is it Anyway is currently in production to be part of FreshWorks Femme Festival at the Old 505 Theatre.

Georgie is excited to begin work with Royalty Free Theatre as it allows her to pursue her passion for stupidity (but like, smart stupidity… you know?)