* Online * Room 2 Radio: Big Club Energy



WHEN: 8pm-12:30am 28 Aug 2020 – 29 Aug 2020

COST: Free

TICKETS: Facebook Event

This event is online.

Room 2 Radio is Sydney's first online night club. This week, R2R will be streaming live sets from Salem, Andi and Venus Guy Trap via Twitch at Facebook. Join the gang for an epic night in, this Friday from 8pm-12:30am.

Room 2 Radio is the dream-child of three passionate Sydney party goers aiming to bring the club to you. Almost every Friday, since the initial lockdown in late March, R2R has hosted a live show, providing a platform for young artists to continue to perform and create a sense of 'normality' or familiarity. R2R has made the virtual club a reality, with local Sydney DJs, light shows and chatroom for those looking to socialise.

If you don’t want to party alone, invite a few friends over for the night, but remember, be responsible! These are uncharted times, and although it might be weird to party at home in front of your TV, know that potentially, hundreds or thousands of people are doing the same thing.

Facebook Event