Riso Printing & Mapping the Local


WHEN: 10:00AM - 1:00PM 3 Dec 2022 –

COST: $26.53

TICKETS: Register Online

VENUE: 107 Green Square

Learn the basics of risograph printing and how to create drawn, collaged or digital artwork to be printed in this colourful stencil technique at the Rizzeria coop www.rizzeria.com

Then we will work on a collaborative mapping project of the local environment directly around the Creative Centre.

Be inspired by the "Water Stories" exhibition by Mapping Edges Research Studio: www.mappingedges.org, currently showing at the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre – then explore local surroundings yourself.

When we come together again we will draw, collage and create to add our personal discoveries of curious, personal, public, hidden things and places to create a risoprinted, collaborative map.

This workshop is in collaboration with Mapping Edges, a research studio at University of Technology Sydney'