WHEN: 2-5pm – 25 May 2014

COST: $10

Reykjavictim is built in the spirit of 'there's no point in doing something unless you're going to do it in the most difficult way possible.' The gimmick is simple; keyboard affixed to guitar, but the logistics of the whole thing make it much more than that. Loops and MIDI-syncing set up so that if you push the wrong button or yank out a wire, the whole thing is going to crumble. It's the same reason why you choose Advanced Partial Differential Equations as an elective when you could have taken Introductory Spanish instead. Born out of living places 4 months at a time and perhaps just pure selfishness, this one-man-band formally came into being after landing in Shanghai and for whatever reason being motivated to give it a go, turns out it was just a matter of collecting enough parts and attaching them together. China gives a person a lot to write about. Space stations and high-speed rail, waiting at airports and the speed of online shopping.

2012 saw a self-released run of the silkprinted, hand-numbered "Iceland" (冰岛) EP, which was followed by the proper full-length "Xiao Di Fang" (小地方) released on Hong Kong's Metal Postcard Records in 2013. Touring around China between business trips, getting invited to Hong Kong's Clockenflap festival, and working with local Shanghai heroes 'Pairs' are China highlights so far. Now partially moved to western Canada, which will provide a new backdrop but the band will always be Chinese at heart. A Chinese band without any Chinese members.