Relevant Elephants Elephant Allsorts



WHEN: 7.45pm – 18 Apr 2018


Relevant Elephants have a philosophy of “Danceable and Bonkers”. We love driving kick drums, pulsating 303’s and anything else that goes bleep in the night. Our first album “Elephant Allsorts“ comes your way this this April. All beats have been lovingly prepared in the interest of your musical health. Contains the recommended daily dosage of Acid Techno, House, Minimal Tech, Glitch, Spoken Word and Ambient.

Relevant Elephant
Don’t let his silly flappy ears and ridiculously long nose fool you, this guy is one hard-core nob twiddler. Relevant studied music and sound at UTS. He dropped out a year and half later, opting for a musician’s life of cocaine and debauchery. Poor Relevant couldn’t snort the cocaine far enough up his gigantic nose to get a hit. His career was over and he found himself and up for sale in a newsagency with many other elephants. Relevant sat there in Despair while his companions raced off the shelf. One Day Ash came along and bought him. They soon discovered a mutual love of all things that go “Bleep”. The rest is Elephant Allsorts. Relevant is in charge of PR at Relevant Elephants HQ and only too happy to do interviews Via email. You can reach him through Ash at [email protected].

Irreverent Elephant
Little is known about this mysterious creature He is brown and entirely the wrong colour for an elephant to begin with. Rumours persist that he is actually a Woolly Mammoth who disguised himself as an elephant in order to join the band. You can’t get more Irreverent than that!

Ash Walker
Even less is known about this mysterious creature. He is believed to be the creative force behind the band. Rumours are that he is a control freak with a short fuse. You’d have a sort fuse too if the other band members just lazed around the studio all day looking cute and cuddly while you did all the work. Our spies have deduced, that Ash has a background in comedy writing and a deep love of all things absurd and pythonesque.