Reconnective Healing Introduction and Experience



WHEN: 2-3pm – 17 Jun 2018

COST: $25 on door / free with registration

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Reconnective Healing® is a process of experiencing your own ability to access the field of the infinite supply of energy, light and information, allowing for regeneration and a return to an optimal state of balance on all levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Find out more about Reconnective Healing, how it was first discovered, what it can be used for and how you can become a healer yourself.

Have the chance to feel the frequencies in your hands, ask questions and see practical demonstrations on a massage table. Volunteers will be selected from the audience.

Julie has been a Reconnective Healing Practitioner since 2004 and has many healing stories to share with you.

About Julie

Julie Jara is a holistic healer and dynamic international speaker, coach and trainer who has helped people unlock the natural intuition, sensitivity and awareness of the human body and mind since 1984.

After initially started her training in Natural Therapies Julie soon realized her interest in personal and intuitive development, believing that balance in all areas of life contribute to true holistic health and wellbeing.

Julie is passionate about helping others to awaken and find their true life path and purpose. She is based in Sydney, Australia and travels widely in Australia and other countries.