Qais Essar (USA) – Master of the Afghan rabab



WHEN: Sat 7:30pm - 10:00pm | Sun 3:00pm - 5:30pm 6 Aug 2022 – 7 Aug 2022

COST: $35

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Qais Essar is a contemporary Afghan composer, instrumentalist and producer who channels his melodic designs through the rabab - the national, lute-like instrument of Afghanistan.

Qais' musical output is as unique as it is diverse. Having trained Indian classical music under Ustad Aashish Khan, Qais has delved deep into the world of Indian and Afghan folk and classical music. But he has also had commercial success with Western fusion and film scores - drawing primarily from film and chamber music, mixed with American folk, and contemporary rock.

With the Taliban’s return to power, music in Afghanistan faces an existential threat. The Taliban have decreed a ban on the performance of music, leading to musicians being routinely harassed, attacked and even killed. Given this, Qais Essar’s creative voice stands as more important and relevant than ever.

Come and see one of the greatest contemporary players of the Afghan rabab. Qais will be accompanied by Murtaza Damoon on tabla.