Pretty Gritty #15


WHEN: 5.30–9pm – 8 May 2016

COST: $12/10

Maybe we’ve been reading too much 80s cyberfiction and listening to Raymond Chandler radio adaptations but for PG#15 we're heavy with smoky bar film grain "ambiance" filtered through the zips and zaps of 0/1 binaries — the good the bad and the processed.

Deft of digit and fleet of fragment, catfingers will set the tone with his sampled beats and apparitional fictions; Trinity's ambient dub with call us down to a shimmering underworld that puts the sub into subterranean; emeidos will algorithmically inveigle us with glitched-up pretty bit and bytes; and Jasmine Guffond's granular, glistening goodness will lure us onto a ledge of no return.

Pretty Gritty is a (roughly) bi-monthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with sound shards, dirty rumbles and digital detritus.

A little bit sweet, and a little bit noisy, beats allowed but not compulsory.

Pretty Gritty is curated by Gail Priest.