Power Flowers



WHEN: 10 Jul 2019 – 22 Jul 2019

COST: Free

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Jessie Ford (Melbourne) and Emma Constantine (UK) have a shared interest in the beauty of natural forms. Having met during an artist residency at the Cairns Botanical Gardens in 2018, the two artists decided to collaborate their shared interest and produce ‘Power Flowers’ here at 107.

Using two quite different approaches and art forms, the pair have produced a show that displays the complexity, joy and significance of flowers. Constantine’s flower suits bring a playfulness, which on opening night are to be worn by local dancers in a dance performance that invites us to consider the life of flowers and our relationship with them and nature as a whole. Ford’s botanical paintings of flower cross sections communicate a delicacy and the sublime. A bold and colourful palette unite the works and invite the audience to consider just how powerful flowers are: in their
beauty, design and function in the ecosystem.


Exhibition opens 6-8pm Wednesday 10th July

Continues until Sunday 21st July 

Gallery open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm.


About the Artists:

Emma Constantine is a British performance and multi-media artist living and working between the UK and Australia. Her work is interested in play, creative movement and the human form. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Loughborough University, UK. In 2018, she completed three artist residencies across Australia and took part in 3 exhibitions.

Jessie Ford is an award-winning botanical artist and tutor based in Melbourne. She specialises in watercolour painting and grey lead drawing to record botanical subjects with realism. Her paintings involve careful observation of each subject to understand it’s structure and form. Often painted larger than life and with a simplified colour palette, Jessie’s paintings provide the viewer with a unique and intimate insight into the intricate world of flowers.