Pounding Nails In The Floor With My Forehead


WHEN: 17–19 Sep at 8.45pm | 20 Sep at 7.45pm | 17 Sep 2015 – 20 Sep 2015

COST: $25/$18 concession

This brash solo show by Eric Bogosian aims scorching social commentary at the contemporary urban and suburban scene. From subway panhandlers to barbecue-crazed millionaires, this show reveals the hidden humor, fear, hypocrisy and rage of the First World. Presented as a series of unconnected monologues - some comic, some satiric, some poignant - and coupled with a seductive element of self-revelation, Pounding Nails In The Floor With My Forehead heightens the disturbing connections between its characters and, by extension, between us and the people we try not to see - and not to be - every day.

A 60 minute performance upstairs at 107, The Platform at the Fringe Festival.

Tickets available at the door or by booking here.