Potential Garbage



WHEN: 24 Jul 2019 – 28 Jul 2019


VENUE: Redfern Street

Opening night: Photoshoot Prize. Wearable art encouraged to be worn and photographed and shared on social media. Most LIT magical picture posted during the exhibition wins a future outfit by PJP.


Potential Garbage :
A series of future outfits + templates by PJP.
'Lasso your dreams! Camouflage on the dance floor aside Chicago collaborative painting, Dream Boat. Tag @presleyjoypaget and hashtag #potentialgarbage for your chance to WIN a Future Outfit by PJP '

Music / Film / Fashion
Reewind is a utopia of Top Hits, video editing, and wearable art by PJP.
The first album ‘Reverse Park’ was released on Christmas Day 2018, which includes songs PJP made in the early 2000s. Having completed 20 heart break hits and music videos last year, PJP is now recording the next album, FEEL PEACE - a 2019 skate mixtape, searching for her future wife, sewing her future outfit and dreams of changing settings.

Collaborative Painting
Dream Boat : 9.30 x 1.80m
Created at Silent Funny on December 2nd 2018 in Chicago with artists PJP, Nathan Silver, Asa Von Hagen, Muddy May, Muhammad Naqee, Maddy Horvat, Orb Box, Abena Motaboli, Nethen Sevek, Rutcorp, Selena Claire, Joey Delisi, Randi Bolton, and Antonia Amir. Transport to Chi-City.

About the Artist

PJP is a visual artist, independent curator and garage band Poet born in San Diego.
Living in the now art and music world of Sydney,
Drumming in post punk duo Traditional Company, Swan at Tilda, and creator of utopia albums Reewind, PJP has been recruiting artists since 2014, leading her to curate 6 international art and music events und now visioning the 7th ; a Fashion and Film O'night September 28 at Alpha House Cooperative.

Exhibition opens 6-8pm Wednesday 24th July.

Continues until Sunday 28th July.

Gallery open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm.