WHEN: 16 Mar 2016 – 25 Mar 2016


Felix Cehak | Siân Davies | Lily Golightly | Lucia Hayes | Claudia Osborne | Joe Pol | Emma White | Harrison Witsey

Post-COFA collects work from those students who were amongst the last to enroll in the former College of Fine Arts before its arbitrary rebranding. As some of them approach graduation this year, they speculate as to what institute they will be alumni of, much like a child from a broken home speculates whether they’ll be living at mum or dad’s apartment.

Responding to the recent name change of the Paddington based art school, the work contained within Post-COFA positions itself in context to the further amalgamations proposed for the city’s art schools, the academically sanctioned idea of the “emerging artist” and, of course, the impetuousness of youth.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm