PORQUÉNO SIX: Exploring a sustainable world



WHEN: Opening Night 15/11 | 6PM, 15 Nov 2023 – 18 Nov 2023


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VENUE: 107 Redfern

This year's theme - 2023
The theme for PORQUÉNO SIX in 2023 is sustainability. We’re turning the artist's lens on the rapid changes happening around the globe and a sense of urgency around our future.

We’d like to imagine a world where sustainability is the baseline for how humans live on the planet. That we come together to give back more than we take, and we see ourselves as part of nature, not above or separate from it. We believe through art we can create space for an explorative conversation around nature, conservation, climate, renewables, waste, pollution and our future on this planet. We want to use our creative minds and invite others to think ahead and determine how we may be living our lives in the decades to come.