Playback Theatre Sydney: The Moment I Knew…



WHEN: 8-9:30PM – 10 Nov 2023

COST: $35 full, $25 concession

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Redfern

The Moment I Knew...
When was the moment you knew...
Where were you?
Was it yesterday? Did it dawn on you? Have you always known?
Did you arrive at it via an arduous journey? A slippery slope?
Was it last week? Is it official? Were you 15 years old? or 50?
Did everyone else know?
Did you surprise everyone?
Is it still a secret kept close to your heart?
Join us for a night of stories, around the theme of The Moment I Knew.
Share your story or hear other audience members share theirs, then watch as Playback Theatre Sydney turns them into a night of theatre.