Party Dozen LP Launch



WHEN: 8pm – 1 Jul 2017

COST: $12

TICKETS: Pre-sale

"The Living Man" is the debut full length release from Sydney experimental sax and drums duo Party Dozen. Jams recorded live in studios from London, Sydney and Brisbane, "The Living Man” is Jonathan Boulet’s and Kirsty Tickle’s most self satisfying and unapologetic release to date.

"...In a world made up of the neatly-pressed... it’s a mischievous, impish delight to have someone like these two conducting savage and bloody raids on the surface-dwellers every now and again. What giddy and horrifying fun" - Ted's Records

"If there was a proper time to utilize the phrase “avant-garde banger,” then I wholly believe “Food Play” is the one. Throughout the track a scampering drone persistently hammers in your ears, laying down the premise for the wordless avalanche. With imposing saxophone(s) and jazzy grooves, it feels an alchemic concoction based on elements of Battles and Wolf Eyes or Zach Hill dueling Colin Stetson. An unrestrained cacophony that’s certainly abrasive, but it’s quaking discombobulations make for an awesome sound." - Jonathan Chin

"...blah tidings: major chords strummed with the delay heaps cranked and some sax skronk over the top. The rest of the five-track found occasional footing but … it felt like a half-hearted commitment to chaos from two musicians who know their instruments better.” - Strine Whine

Come join Party Dozen as they piss into the stream of consciousness along with friends Big Picture & Extreme Misanthropy Crew.

Set times:

8:30 - Big Picture
9:15 - Extreme Misanthropy Crew
10:15 - Party Dozen