Part of the Whole



WHEN: 6pm 19 Feb 2020 – 22 Feb 2020

COST: Free

A photographic exhibition that celebrates and explores the interconnection of womankind to the ocean & earth. It’s a call back to the wild, throwing aside generalised societal ideals of beauty and finding solace in one of the most valuable connections we as humans have - our affinity to the natural world, to our Mother Earth.

We are in a time where the world is in ecological crisis, in which so many humans have become detached from nature. In this modern idea of separateness from our natural world, we have forgotten that we are a part of the whole. With the climate changing so rapidly and the future of human life as we know it hanging in the balance, the importance of our connection to nature is imperative to our survival.

I hope my work can inspire this connection, to reconnect with the life source that we are a part of. If we as humankind can rekindle this connection, we could come together to regenerate and heal our natural world with the value and respect it deserves.

I recognise this exhibition takes place on Indigenous land and sovereignty was never ceded.
I want to give First Nations people the recognition and celebration they deserve, for they have always had an understanding, connection and respect for the land. They have lived in harmony with the environment, much, much longer than any group of humans have in history. A wealth of valuable knowledge and understanding is at our country’s heart, that we as a nation can learn so much from.

In light of our current climate bushfire crisis, 30% of profits from sales will be donated to:
Humane Society Australia - wildlife emergency fund.
Seed Mob - Indigenous youth for climate action.