Out there / Over there



WHEN: 6 - 8pm 4 Mar 2020 – 16 Mar 2020

COST: Free

Throughout history, humans have moved and travelled across the landscape; passing through, often not in a position to stop. As we move from one location to another, all the pleasure we can derive is from the knowledge of our proximity to it. We travel across and through the landscape, searching, rambling with no sense of what lies ahead.

Out there/Over there uses the model of the Cairn, a prehistory form of human land marking found in many parts of the world to distinguish trails across unknown landscapes; in particular those which may not have any naturally forming landmarks to assist in navigation. This work draws attention to ideas of the ancient and the modern exploration of the Earth through multiplicitous viewpoints across multiple landscapes, marking trails guided by our ever-expanding knowledge through our hyper connectivity and global positioning systems.

The sculptures presented in this installation foreground the viewer’s own experience of their movement through the architectural space of the gallery, forcing a deliberate physical interaction – paying particular attention to the interrelation of the various facets and angles of each piece to those of its neighbours. An altering of both visual and conceptual perspectives and viewpoints of the photographic image.