WHEN: Opening Night 2/8 | 6PM, 2 Aug 2023 – 26 Aug 2023


VENUE: 107 Green Square

Dirt, paint, sweat, and inspiration. Order-Disorder is a series of paintings and ceramics objects with varying degrees of technological intervention in their design and production. This combination of newer technologies and existing production techniques (e.g. the ancient art of hand-building ceramics) will provoke reflections on the nature of art in relation to its mode of production and creation.

For this exhibition, Gomes has used a range of techniques to design and produce both ceramic artworks and paintings. Each of the produced objects represents different approaches to the utilization of digital technologies in relation to the manual techniques traditionally associated with creating artworks. The forms chosen for this exhibition are deliberately some of the oldest art forms known to civilizations across the world, namely painting, and ceramics. Both of these art forms have demonstrated huge advances over time.

Gomes is interested in exploring the intersection of the ancient techniques (hand-building, brush strokes, glaze technology) associated with painting and ceramics, and the newer digital technologies associated with design and production (such as the 3D printer). Gomes has also wrestled with the question of how artists deal with the emotions associated with the process of artistic creation. Gomes sees each work as a conversation between the artist and the artwork. This conversation can be a long and complicated one and goes on until some kind of agreement can be reached.

Order-Disorder is to present to an audience a series of objects that provoke discussions about the relationship between art and technology. This exhibition offers Gomes an opportunity to present his concepts and his work to a wider audience of members of the public and my art peers. As an artist, Gomes recognizes the importance of building networks and relationships that further the discussions about the role of art in contemporary society. It is also an opportunity to make new contacts with peers for future projects in collaboration with other artists, institutions, and communities.