Olivia Shimeld: Cloud Sky and Landscape



WHEN: 11am - 5pm Wednesday to Friday 9 Mar 2022 – 19 Mar 2022

COST: Free

WHO: Olivia Shimeld

Olivia’s Cloud Sky With Birds series of paintings were conceptualised during a period of introspection and reflection throughout the Greater Sydney lockdown of 2021.

An extension of her minimalist Night Sky series, Shimeld’s Cloud Sky works are softer and more dreamy than dramatic.

Inspired by the winter afternoon skies she observed at the skate park daily with her kids, at Cahill’s lookout and from her Katoomba home. These paintings reflect the peace and calm Olivia cultivated for herself and her family during the extended days at home and in her local environment.

“I observe the colours in the sky and the way the light interacts with the clouds, and store those images in my memory bank,” she says. “I work from imagination, intuition, and interaction.”

Olivia’s recent landscape works are simultaneously considered and spontaneous, producing bold and bright windows into her mind. Her practice of layering colour and texture creates wonderfully rich works, reflecting the great joy the act of painting brings to the artist.

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Opening Night Friday 18th March, 6-8pm