Oedura, Lisa McCowage & Laura Altman, Laurence Williams



WHEN: 7pm – 23 Oct 2018

COST: $10 on door

Dear music lovers,
the NOW now returns for another night of beautiful sounds, human interactions and world betterment through community.

What does this mean?

Find out!

Doors at 7pm.
$10 entry



Resting in the heat of the day,
Silky scales reflect the sunlight
Feeling comfortable in his new surroundings,
Tongue quivers exhibiting his leisurely attitude
Noticing violent rustles just beyond the trees,
He suspects predators are imminent
“Change the fucking music or get off!”
Diving into recluse,
It is now a time for reflection
In spite of time’s disguise,
He has always been here

I.D.L.E.R by
Lisa McCowage & Laura Altman

Lisa McCowage is a clarinetist, teacher and composer, based in Sydney, Australia. Laura Altman is a key member of the Australian creative community, a curator, an orchestra organiser, a spirit of joy.
Together they will perform the composition: I.D.L.E.R

And finally, the enigmatic master, Laurence Williams.
Will he play violin, or piano, or electronics, or something entirely different?

There is only one way to find out.

See you here at 7. Music starts at 7:30.