the NOW now: The Splinter Orchestra, Golden Orb & Alon Ilsar



WHEN: 6.30-10pm – 11 Jul 2017

COST: $10 on door

the NOW now is proud and excited to present a night of immense, immersive improvisation featuring The Splinter Orchestra, Alon Ilsar and....

The Splinter Orchestra was formed 16 years ago to pursue an ongoing dialog about democracy, social interaction, music as a untopian format, and the power of sheer scale (amongst other things).

A porous, ever morphing ensemble, The Splinter Orchestra combines home made, cracked, reassembled and modified instruments, side by side with the orchestra tools of the western habit.

Golden Orb combine live electronics, synth, violin and poetry in a search for the place between humans and machines, hoping to discover what we are really made of. Beats, notes, words, creaks, groans and murmurs are conjured from memory banks, then manipulated and rearranged spontaneously in an ecstatic moment of creation.

Alon Ilsar has made a name for himself as a stunningly innovative percussionist, inventor and audio visual pioneer. His project 'AirSticks' has added a new approach to live composition and mediated collaboration - not to mention produced stunning music.

There will be more! Stay tuned.

Doors at 6:30.