The NOW now June Series




WHEN: 7pm – 5 Jun 2018

COST: $10 on door

The 2nd NOW now series for the year

Subterranean Rain
Sydney City Humanoid Electronic Modular Ensemble (SCHEME)
& Lotekno

$10 on the door... doors at 7pm
Sydney City Humanoid Electronic Modular Ensemble
Machines have voices. We are the humanoids who speak with the machines. We are the mechanised cultists of the apocalypse, electrified and fearless. Controlled volttage is the new state. We make our machines and they remake us. Modular synthesis is an organism and we are its flesh.
Subterranean Rain
Armed with a bass guitar and drum machine, Subterranean Rain began in 2014 as a loop based solo project coinciding with Jack Dibben's (Ill Winds) return from a three year stint living in Europe.

Subterranean Rain's debut release Corroded Evenness (2017, Chemical Imbalance), would take shape over the following two years by means of close collaboration with Alex Lee (Repairs, Border Menace) on synth, and additional collaboration with Laurence Williams (MOB, Place Holder) on guitar; the results are a mutant form of new wave.

The latest incarnation sees Dibben revert back to a solo project. He takes a departure from the technical restraints of the loop pedal and in doing so transforming the aesthetic they developed by opening it directly up to the world of synthesis and the step sequencer.
'Lotek' the food is a mix of vegetables and spices that come from a lot of different places, but mostly Indonesia 'lotekno' the music project is a mix of humans and sounds that come from a lot of different places, but mostly Indonesia

Robi Rusdiani's acapella heavy metal army 'Ensemble Tikoro' filter through Dan Mackinlay's algorithmic meta-analysis to jitter-glitch overload, Anomie jacks up ecstatic sun-worship trance-lords 'tarawangselas' into spinning-rims crunk, and ruffles dubs jaipong torchsong siren 'mita kulsum' into hypnotic voodoo dancehall..

Expect a spicy mix of cutting-edge electronics and ancient technique, metal and maths, bamboo and silicon..
a vision of the soundtrack to the dive-bar scene of 'mad max: Bandung badlands'