WHEN: 7:30 PM – 1 Feb 2019

COST: $23

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Do you remember the first time you fell in love?
The restlessness, the desperation, the pure transcendence… it just hurt so good. Do you remember how new it all felt, back then? The sweetness and the cruelty? The innocent belief that no-one had ever loved anyone as much as you two did right here in this very second?
Do you remember those highest of highs, those lowest of lows - and the dizzying feeling that maybe it would never end?

Until, of course - it did.

Featuring an original score sung live with a combination of guitar, piano and beatboxing.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: a love story is an original Australian work written and directed by newcomer Naomi Belet about the most universal theme of all time: heartbreak – but told in the most personal of ways. It’s a deeply romantic and achingly vulnerable journey from the first touch to that moment when it ends and you realise your identity is irretrievably wrapped up in another person. Part theatre, part cabaret, part diary confessional – NOTHING LASTS FOREVER defies genre and cuts dangerously close to the truth. It’s a shout into the void, a cry of hope for all the heartbroken girls and boys standing alone in the crowded rooms of the world saying maybe, just maybe - we’ll be okay in the end.

Presented By: 107 Projects
Written and Directed By: Naomi Belet
Starring: Naomi Belet, Bernadina Van Tiel and Jerome Williams
Music and Lyrics: Naomi Belet
Instrumental Arrangements: Jerome Williams and Naomi Belet
Produced By: Naomi Belet
Marketing: Alyssa Stevenson
Lighting Design: James McDonald


*107 Redfern St is a licensed venue, BYO alcohol is not permitted*