A Night of Aleatoric Beauty



WHEN: 6pm – 13 Mar 2019

COST: $5 on door

A night of alea-what? The word ‘aleatoric’ is derived from the Latin ‘alea’ – ‘dice’. Aleatoric poetry is poetry created through random procedures, such as cutting up and reassembling printed texts, or having a computer spit out algorithms. In other words, by a role of the dice. Techniques of this kind have been used by a slew of artists from the DADAs to William S. Burroughs and even David Bowie.

Join us at 107 for a celebration of the garbled, the fortuitous and the baffling. There will be several readings by wonderful poets, both aleatorically and otherwise inclined. There will be guided expeditions into the realm of pure chance and happenstance. And of course, the bar will be open!

Entry $5 (Please bring cash, all door sales will go to the performers.)

Are you a poet, storyteller or genre-defying performer? Let us know if you are interested in sharing some of your work during the night! Just send us a private message or an email at saloncesspool@gmail.com.

This is an inclusive event; people from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome, behaviour that makes others uncomfortable isn’t! Note that 107 is wheelchair-accessible.