Next Level | A New Realm of Hip Hop | Out of Iso



WHEN: Doors at 7pm | Show at 8pm | 29 Oct 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

COST: $30 / $20

TICKETS: Tickets

New normal, back to normal, no normal. We’ve flattened the curve, we’ve counted the cases dropping, we’ve masked and swabbed and sanitised, through a long winter of iso. How we’ve missed the heady and sweaty and joyous euphoria of live performance! What have Sydney’s artists been thinking and doing and making in these strange times? Come out of iso, and be a part of it, in these four weekends of new live performance for a distanced world.


Next Level | A New Realm of Hip Hop
curated by Nick Power | 8pm 29-31 Oct

A night of short, experimental works featuring some of the most exciting talent from the Sydney street dance community. Come check the styles as they take hip hop into a new realm. Artists: Jamie “Jahziisoul” Kha, Anastasios “Taz” Repousi, Patrick “Sweaty P” Huynh Gabriela Quinsacara & William Mak, KAZ (Karen Otero), Feras Shaheen and DechenGendun, Adam Warburton, Molonai Makalio, Azzam Mohamed and Omar Kamal, and featuring DIOLA on the decks throughout the night.


Out of Iso is a COVID-safe event. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Out of Iso is initiated and produced by Intimate Spectacle, and presented by Intimate Spectacle and 107.

Out of Iso is supported by City of Sydney and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts; Intimate Spectacle & Branch Nebula by the Australia Council; Branch Nebula and PACT by the NSW Government through Create NSW; 107 by City of Sydney.