Newies – New Art from Nathan Dawson



WHEN: Opening Hours Wed-Sat, 12 Dec 2023 – 22 Dec 2023


VENUE: 107 Redfern

This exhibition will showcase recent artworks by artist Nathan Dawson. Recently, Nathan has been working on canvas with pen and ink. The exhibition will also include a series of works which have been done on old Japanese scrolls. Nathan has been described as being able to meld his interest in two-dimensional space with the layering of shape and colour. Elements of Graffiti, Surrealism, and the use of text combine to create a striking effect. The directness of the composition is unnerving, but it invites us to take another look, to question our discomfort and engage with the scene depicted. - Grace Alty, Curator, Artis Gallery, New Zealand.

Nathan Dawson

My tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Japanese and TESOL). I have taught Japanese in NSW Public Schools since 2015. I have no formal art-related qualifications, but have been producing and developing my art for many years. I have lived and worked in Japan for a total of ten years, during which time I was lucky to be chosen for the NIKA Art and Design Awards for three years in a row . The works chosen are exhibited in Roppongi Art gallery in Tokyo. That has probably been the highlight of my art career so far. Apart from this, I have a handful of solo and combined exhibitions and now have my works exhibited in Bromley and Co. galleries in South Yarra and Daylesford, Victoria. I am originally from Glen Innes, NSW. I am a Gomeroi (Kamilaroi) man, of the Guyinbaraay language group from the Gunnedah area of NSW. I most use acrylic ink and pen. I really enjoy the human face and body and this makes up much of the composition of my artworks. As a linguist, I also enjoy incorporating text into my art. These things make up most of the subject matter of all of my artworks. I also enjoy layering and creating interesting works which you can look and keep engaging with and find new things that you might not have seen before.