New Sound Waves


WHEN: – 16 Feb 2014

COST: $3

Modular Synth Collective

Welcome to the first meet for New Sound Waves in 2014. This year we want to focus on live performance, working up to some big public events later in the year. To kick things off lets just make a racket. So get to work on some 125 BPM or AM drone patches, and let's see what we can do together. We've got 5 hrs so we can wiggle away on other things as well. Come along and find out what we have in the pipeline.

PA, mixers, rack FX supplied. Analogue sync provided via innerclock and Expert Sleepers systems. MIDI sync via 8 port MIDI unit (Emagic AMT8)
SUNDAY 16th FEB 12pm - 5pm